Are you losing credibility because of outdated content? 

Why should customers visit your website?

What if your customers could find information about your company faster by going to your website?

What if the information they were looking for is answers to their questions before they buy from you?

What if having that information always available and easier to find helps you close the sale faster?

But instead of finding those answers, customers find website content that hasn’t changed since your website was launched over two years ago? Customers look on your website for specifics about your new product or service and they are not there. They try to send an email to the contact listed or call the number on your contact page, but neither no longer work.

Does this sound like a credible company you would want to do business with?

Website Updates

If this website story sounds familiar than what you need is a strategy for updating your website and keeping it updated. Designs By Reign Flo can help by managing those time consuming and frequent tasks that need to be done in order to keep a website current. Some of things Designs By Reign Flo can do include:

Adding text to your web pages
Help decide where to put links
Fix broken links
Schedule frequent changes to your homepage
Replace an image
Many other services that can be performed once or scheduled on a regular basis. 
How Designs By Reign Flo service works:
Requests can be submitted by phone, fax or email.
All requests are followed by a work order within one business day of the request. The work order will outline the charges for the work required and the customer will have the opportunity to review the work requested and the price.

Updates are made within 48 hours of receiving approval of the work order, unless the extent of the work requires more time. Dates will be established before the work begins.